Xavier Mirabelli-Montan - Lead Fullstack Product Engineer


Some say, “you can take the boy out of California but you can’t take California out of the boy.” Well… they don’t say that but it’s true. I currently live in Brighton, UK but I’m originally from an hour’s drive north of San Francisco and as a native Californian, I have been known occasionally to wear bright yellow trousers (or as Americans call them, “pants”). Growing up near Silicon Valley, I found myself developing a curiosity and passion for technology, hacking, the web and the likes.

I am a trustworthy, enthusiastic and loyal employee in the field of web design, development and strategy; predominately using Drupal. I’m young but have ample work experience because I enjoy working hard and thrive on earning more responsibility. I’m eager and willing to learn, with an absolute passion for making media and technology accessible to everyone.

I frequently use email and social media to communicate personal, professional, and creative ventures. I’m proactive in my communication trying my hardest to ensure clients and colleagues have the information they need to progress quickly. I understand that everyone responds differently to different forms of communication. When liaising with others, I use the most appropriate means for the task. I helped Miggle switch it’s internal comms from Skype to the more developer-centric Slack, back when few people had heard of Slack (hard to believe now).

I’ve always displayed ambition, and I was hired as TWiT TV’s first paid intern when I was only 17. Having grown up with the internet, I’m a digital native. I am experienced with Drupal, React/GatsbyJS, Wordpress, Moodle, Server Management/PaaS Setup, Audio and Video streaming/recording, and Adobe CC.

Away from the screen, you will often find me in front of the stove cooking up tasty meals for my wife and friends, or at one of Brighton’s many craft beer pubs. I’m currently renovating a Victorian house and enjoy walking or running with my dog on the south downs. I’m an avid musician and can be found playing the double bass, DJ-ing or presenting on the radio.

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