January 09, 2018By Xavier Mirabelli-Montan← Back to Blog

My micro-lifestyle

Starting off 2018 experimenting with things little and often

As 2017 fades into a distant memory and I reflect on what I did, I am struggling find noteworthy things that I have felt proud to have accomplished. Although I leave the year behind, it most definitely wasn’t without its successes. I have found a couple new cities to add to the favourites list, Bangkok and Copenhagen, navigated a full year of marriage with lovely wife George and carried out a lot of restoration work on our Victorian terrace in Brighton. I also launched a Christmas Radio station for the Christmas just gone which very fun and exciting.

I came across tweet from the Drupal community (I can’t find it but will add if I do) that was saying the best way to make progress was to work on things little but often. This made me think quite a bit and the more a I thought about it I realised something. I (like many MVPs failure to launch) get stuck in the details of perfecting something big over accomplishing something little.

As a result, I have decided that for 2018 I am going to change and start working on my passions little and often by breaking the things I enjoy into small bitesized pieces. So heres a list of things I’d like to work on in 2018:-


I have a lot of drafts stuck in my Medium account for one reason or another. This year I will attempt to write more smaller articles and actually publish them.


It is all about #blockchain. I started investing in cryptocurrencies at the end of last year but I also am looking at diversifying my investments into the more stable stocks and shares


I did my first ever home-brew this year. It was made from the Punk IPA kit which tasted amazing. I plan on making more tasting any funky small batch homebrews for 2018.


Not much was done and released this year in my Drupal-sphere. As a new year starts I will attempt committing something at least once a week to my hobby projects.


I’ve started this already and got my double bass out of its case for the first time in a few years. I need to practise in small increments so I can join a group.


I have quite often been daunted out of a workout because it will take longer than half an hour. I am going to start off with three 1/2hr workouts a week (easily fit in a lunch break) and see were that takes me.


Rather that switch the TV on when I need to unwind after a long days work, I am going to read a chapter of a book instead.

Thats my micro-plan lets see how these small changes pan out—who knows, I may even add a healthy serving of micro-greens on top!